Friday, April 18, 2014

Alexander Wang x H&M: What To Expect

This past few days, the fashion world was took by surprise with the announcement of a Alexander Wang collaboration with the fast fashion chain H&M. Reminding that his the youngest designer that collaborates with the swedish brand and also, the first american one. So, an exciting capsule collection will arrive to the stores next November 6th. Besides woman clothing, menswear and accessories will be featured in the collection.

A little throwback:
Born and raised in San Francisco, at age 19 Wang moved to New York to pursue his career dream. After two years attending at Parsons, he decided to debut in the fashion industry and launch his own brand and so, in 2007, he presented his very first ready-to-wear women's collection that was very acclaimed by the critique. From then, he has already won many awards and launched multiple lines of clothing. In 2012, he was named creative director at Balenciaga.

What to expect:
Making a little retrospective from his paste collections and his personal trade mark we can expect an urban vibe with sports references whether when it comes to materials but also with lines and inspiration. Something minimal but very modern, fresh and irreverent is what we will probably get. Let's see in November if my bets are right or not.

S/S 14'

Pré-Fall 14'
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Friday, April 11, 2014

The Jumpsuit Effect

There is no way of denying it: we all love practical clothes but, the most picky of us, love practical clothes that besides being practical are also beautiful. Jumpsuits are all about that. They look extremely nice, are very comfortable and you can always dress them up or down. If you ask me, the guy that invented jumpsuits should be awarded with a medal. Fortunately, this spring and summer are all about chilling and relaxing but always adding that extra glam touch to any outfit you wear and one of the easiest ways of doing it is just by putting on a really cool piece of clothing that actually suits you and fits nice and you're done, specially long overalls are great to do that.

Elie Saab                                                                          Valentino
Valentino                                                                 Stella McCartney

Earlier this week, I asked my friends to do a little shoot so we could bring something new and fresh to the blog. They were amazing and agreed to join me immediately. We did the shoot whose theme was, of course, this emblematic piece: the jumpsuit. Mariana was our photographer of the day and Renata modeled. Tell me if you would like to see more things like this on Estupidezes. Here's the fantastic results:

Sunglasses: Primark / Jumpsuit: Rialbanni / Shoes: Zara / Lipstick: Avon

Photographer: Mariana Marçal

(Click on their names to visit their instagram pages)


Saturday, March 29, 2014

Makeup Review: Catrice Defining Duo Blush

This is, by far, my most favorite powder blush from a long time. It is the perfect shade of powder pink for the ones who have a really, really pale skin. This blush is composed by two shades of powder pink: a mate one and a glowy one with subtle shimmer. It is very nice to stand out your cheekbones in a very natural and fresh way giving you that young healthy glow! Personally I use only the mate shade during the day and, to go out, I just put a bit of the glowy one on my cheeks just to give that extra highlight. 
The packaging is very compact, easy to carry anywhere but I'd recommend putting in a makeup bag and not just throw it in your purse since it is easily open. Unfortunately mine is almost over and I couldn't take a proper picture of it.

A mostrar IMG_20140322_151901.jpg
010 Raspberry Ice Cream

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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Healthy Skin? Hell Yes

Since I was a little girl, I've always cared for my skin. Mostly because of my mother's influence who always putted moisturizing cream on my face even on those times I didn't want to. When the puberty arrived, it was time to start taking this matter more seriously and fight acne before it got a problem so, with that intention, me and my mom went one day to the pharmacy and got some products that the pharmaceutic had recommended us according to the info we told her.
Of course that, along the years I also started experimenting and searching about new products and tips and now, I have a low-maintenance skincare routine, very easy to follow. Like many other girls, my skincare routine consists in three easy steps.

1. Cleaning
    This step is really important because, basically is when you'll be removing the big majority of the inlaid dirtiness of your skin. It is also very important to remove all of your makeup. Make sure your skin is really clean before you proceed to the next steps.
     Use your regular skin cleaning product and, once or twice a week, do not forget to exfoliate it in order to remove all the dead cells. Removing the dead cells is important because it will aloud the alive skin to "breath" and be healthy, in other words, it will retard the aging process.

My fave cleaning products:

2. Toning
    Sometimes people (including myself) because of their laziness. This second steps works as a reinforcement of what was done in the step one: it will provide to clean even more in deep our skin and help to control oil production. It will also reestablish the pH of our skin and calming it down after the cleaning process and closing the pores. There are two types of tonics: moisturizing ones (more adapted to dry skin) and astringent tonics (more adapted to the needs of oily skin). So, you must know your skin type and its needs before choosing the right tonic for you. My skin has tendency to get pretty oily so I choose astringent tonics that will help to control the oil production.

My fave toning products:

3. Hydrating and Protecting
   After cleaning and toning it is time to provide some constituents that will "feed" the skin and keep it hydrate and avoid terrible things such as dryness, peeling and wrinkles. 
   Aside from hydrating, your skin will also need protection against environmental factors such as pollution, wind and sun. So, you will need facial sun protector with fps in it. If you want to save time in your routine (and money) I suggest daily moisturizers with FPS, two in one. More lately I've been trying to look for paraben-free and oil-free products.

My fave hydrating and protecting products:
Some of the products mentioned in this post will be featured in future reviews. 


Thursday, March 20, 2014

Trend Radar: All White

You know what they say: white is the new black, at least for next spring. White took by surprise all collections last season. For the spring you can expect finding a sea of white items all over the fast fashion world.

Runway Examples:
Derek Lam                                                                       Alexander Wang

Street Style:

Top Tips:
1. Mix and match different textures and silhouettes
White #2
Different textures: embroidered top with silky shorts and quilted leather backpack

White #4

Different silhouettes: peplum skirt plus crop-top

2. You can't go wrong with a dress
Peplum dress with bowler hat and round sunglasses


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Profile The Style: Edie Sedgwick

Edie Sedgwick was an american actress, model and socialite. She is most known for being the muse of Andy Warhol who revolutionized the pop-art in the sixties. After than that, she is considered by many the truly first "It Girl" because of her exquisite style and bohemian life that got so iconic during that time. If you want to know more about her life and her struggle with drugs, alcohol and her crazy bohemian life I recommend you to watch the film "Factory Girl" where she's interpreted by Sienna Miller (who did a great job in this movie).

Personal Style:

Due to her connections with the artistic environment of the Big Apple, she caught herself in this bohemian crazy life and her style reflected just that. She always had that eccentric touch in her outfit mainly because she loved to play with fashion and clothes, she wasn't a fan of boring clothes.
   Many hats (even tho this images don't show that)
   Big earrings
   Black tights
   Boat-neck shirts
   Fur coat
   Little black dress
   Fun dresses in playful colors
   Classy flats
   Low stilettos

Hair and Makeup:
Edie Sedgwick with silver hair. 
Edie's natural hair was dark brown and at first she used to wear it very long. After she moved to New York and met Andy Warhol she got herself a pixie haircut and dyed it platinum blonde, then, she had this phase she and her friend Andy both dyed her hair silver for a few days, after that, she came back to platinum blonde.
Edie Sedgwick loved makeup and didn't mind passing hours doing her makeup, sometimes she took so much time with makeup that her friends were mad at her for arriving late anywhere. She was all about bold eyes and nothing on the lips, lots of eyeliner and generous coats of mascara.

Check this amazing tutorial to get your Edie Sedgwick's eyes:


Sunday, March 9, 2014

The Most Epic Shows Of The Season

The Fall 2014 Ready To Wear fashion weeks are over, at least the most known ones are. So, this is the time to look at all the amazing shows presented this past weeks and make a little recap to all the great things shown.


Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs' show was one of the first one that  the industry, maybe because it is his first homonym show since he left Louis Vuitton. Naturally, that awaken the curiosity of the audience who was looking forward to see what's next for this designer.
Also, this was a turning point in Jacobs' aesthetics since that he went for a more minimalist vibe with loose silhouettes, neutral colors accompanied by pastels and organic materials. Must confess that, for me, the star of the show was the amazing outerwear.


Burberry Prorsum
Burberry Prorsum's shows is always one of the most anticipated ones for London Fashion Week and we can clearly understand why. To start, the whole collection is absolutely gorgeous! There's no way I couldn't absolutely love everything: the beautiful prints that reminds us of exotic places, the relaxed vibe that was present in every single aspect of this collection.


 Dolce & Gabbana
This show remained us to an "Enchanted Sicily" and was supposed to makes us dream about fairy tales. Can you tell Domenico and Stefano never get tired of Sicily inspiration? Good, because neither do I. There's something really magical about this show that brought beautiful sassy colors, gorgeous silhouettes, a feminine breeze and the coolest prints. I think the images speak for themselves.


Saint Laurent
If you know me, you know that anything rock'n'roll will make my heart beat faster. But if you join rock'n'roll with Edie is just too much for my heart to handle. Anyway, I really enjoyed the youthfulness and playfulness in the collection, the outerwear was ridiculously amazing and the hats made me sigh. You know me, pipe bombing outerwear makes this girl happy.