Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Brands: Cutler and Gross

Founded in the golden year of 69' by Graham Cutler and Tony Gross in London, Cutler and Gross is an optical brand that stands for handmade luxury combined with great design. Later, in 82' Marie Wilkinson joined the duo as the design director of the company. Personally, being me an individual who needs to wear glasses on a daily basis, I can definitely identify myself  with Tony Gross's statement: "It's nice if glasses can be sexy and mysterious. People who need glasses don't have to feel separated from glamour.". Seeing pictures of their S/S 14 lookbook, I truly understood what Gross meant.


My top five
Find more about Cutler and Gross at: www.cutlerandgross.com

Sunday, July 13, 2014

About Street Style

Earlier today, I was seeing street style pictures of Paris Fashion week in style.com and I thought how ridiculous some people get dressed to attend such event. I always saw fashion weeks as an opportunity to show the true meaning of sense of style in a matter of elegance, sophistication and timelessness, not a Carnival of colors, weird shapes and bad looking trends that will never work. What some people don't get is, not everybody can be an Anna Dello Russo, because she's one of a kind and she does her thing like nobody else can do it. I don't see interest in seeing other people doing Anna's thing. People who purposely exaggerate their outfits in order to look the opposite of what they really look like in a daily basis is, in my humble opinion, stupid. I feel like there is always people who try to look like "couture" wearing fast fashion store items, it simply doesn't work for me and it shouldn't work for anybody else. Simple is better, unless we're talking about wine.

Now onto the good stuff, some looks captured by Tommy Ton were beautifully amazing and those ones are worth seeing and being kept to future reference and inspiration, they are










Friday, July 11, 2014

White On Blue: OOTD

If you follow my Instagram account (@estupidezes, hit the button!), you must have realized that, some days ago, I posted a picture of an outfit I wore. It was weekend and, like the old portuguese habits send us, we hit the esplanade with friends or family in order to update with each other's lives. Usually, I'm not the "#ootd" type of girl but damn that blouse deserved it.

Sunnies - Zara // Blouse - Massimo Dutti // Jeans - Zara // Bag - Zara


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

How to Survive Sales Season

Sales season starts and woman (and men!) just lose their heads. The result: broken wallets and a wardrobe full of clothes they may not want to see again in a lifetime and much less wear. So, I made a little guide to help all the folks out there how to shop more wisely.

1. Great brands at great prices
    Ok, be careful with this one. Just because something is form some sort of high-end brand that usually you would not have the chance to buy from, it doesn't mean that you have to buy it. Before thinking of brand, you must think about quality, fit and, even on sales, if that piece is worth the money you're paying for.

2. Stock on basics
    Unlikely many gurus out there, I don't believe you should take advantage of sales to fill your wardrobe with trendy clothes. Maybe two or three more trendy items are enough. You should spend your money wisely on things you will wear on a daily basis and sales are a great occasion to renew basics and maybe find the ones you don't own yet. Maybe now it is a good time to start looking for a better quality at a better price range.

3. Look those sizes
    Many people tend to buy things that are too big or too small, just because it is cheap! But, if you think twice, if something doesn't fit your body correctly and you buy it in an impulse, you'll probably never wear it and you end up loosing your money. Save your money for the things that look great on you and you know you'll get great use out of them.

(of course we needed a Blair Waldorf image over here)


Friday, June 20, 2014

If I Were a Boy: Menswear Spring 2015



Alexander McQueen


Burberry Prorsum

Christopher Kane

Z Zegna


Saturday, June 14, 2014

Profile The Style: Emanuelle Alt


Emanuelle was born in Paris in 1967. She is the successful editor-in-chief of French Vogue and she is very well known for her distinct effortless cool style. Emanuelle is married with Franck Durand, creative director of Isabel Marant, and has two kids.

Personal Style:
Emanuelle's personal style is very classy and minimal with little focus on the accessories. She is known for wearing great outerwear such as blazers, jackets and coats paired with skinny jeans or, sometimes, fancier pants. Rarely she is found in dresses or skirts. Usually, she wears heels, sometimes trendier other times classier. As you can tell, she likes her hair straight and natural and she is a makeup-free beauty. Rock'n'roll minimal style, there you go.

The Must Haves:
Emanuelle Alt Inspired Set